Shartash stone tents

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  • Шарташские каменные палатки. Photo 1
  • Шарташские каменные палатки. Photo 2


Shartash stone tents are one of the unique natural monuments in Yekaterinburg. Their history goes back a long way, and the area around the rocks has attracted people from different eras for centuries.

The rocks, stretching for tens of meters along Lake Shartash, are the result of many years of exposure to natural forces. Their mattress-like shape, created by wind, water and temperature changes, gives them a unique appearance. They represent one of the most picturesque and monumental natural sites in the city.

In addition to their beauty, the Shartash stone tents also have historical significance. In their vicinity, up to 10 settlements and sites of ancient man dating back to different historical eras were discovered. These settlements were associated with ancient religious rituals and commodity production, and the rocks themselves were considered the center of ancient cults and sacrifices.

Shartash stone tents were described and studied by archaeologists back in the 19th century. They have become an object of nature conservation and a favorite vacation spot for city residents since their inclusion in the city limits. Illegal workers' meetings and rallies, as well as pioneer gatherings, were held here.

Today, these rocks have become a popular holiday destination for walks, picnics and spending free time with friends and family. On any given day you can meet townspeople of all ages enjoying the beauty of nature and each other's company. The Shartash stone tents remain an important symbol of the natural and cultural heritage of Yekaterinburg, attracting the attention and respect of both city residents and its guests.


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