Museum of Ancient Industrial Equipment of the Urals

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  • Музей старинной промышленной техники Урала. Photo 1
  • Музей старинной промышленной техники Урала. Photo 2
  • Музей старинной промышленной техники Урала. Photo 3
  • Музей старинной промышленной техники Урала. Photo 4


The Museum of Architecture and Industrial Technology of the Urals, opened in 1975 in Yekaterinburg, is a significant cultural institution, part of the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art (UrGAHA). Its history began with the installation in the museum of five monuments of industrial architecture of the second half of the 19th century, including the premises of a timber drying shop, a drafting office, various storerooms, as well as the two-tier and fortress walls of the turning shop of the Yekaterinburg Mechanics Factory.

The museum is based on its exhibition, divided into three main sections: “Stone Belt”, “History of Old Ural Technology” and “History of Development and Planning of Yekaterinburg”. These departments allow visitors to get acquainted with various aspects of the architectural heritage of the Urals and its industrial development.

The museum also has an archive and library containing valuable materials on the history of architectural education in the Urals, as well as photo libraries of architectural objects and other rare documents.

Over time, the museum not only preserved and exhibited its collections, but also actively developed. In connection with changes in architectural and artistic education in the Urals, when UrGAHA turned from an institute into an academy, the museum also restructured its activities. It has become not only a place of study and research for students, but also a center of cultural life, reflecting modern trends in architecture and design.

Today, the museum continues to improve its exhibition, updating existing sections and implementing long-term projects aimed at expanding its core activities. It remains not only an important research center, but also a place where every visitor can learn about the rich history of architecture and industry of the Urals.


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