Shartash Forest Park

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Shartash Forest Park is one of the picturesque and unique places in Yekaterinburg, located in its eastern part on the shores of Lake Bolshoi Shartash. This is a protected natural area, which is part of the Komsomolsky microdistrict in the Kirovsky district of the city. The forest park is adjacent to the Kirov Wholesale Market (KOR) in the south and borders the villages of Peski and Izoplit.

The composition of the forest in the park is mixed, which ensures the presence of both wild and urban vegetation. On its territory there are not only natural monuments, such as the Shartash stone tents and archaeological sites, but also places for active recreation and sports.

The shores of the lake within the park are equipped with beaches, boat stations, recreation centers, cafes and restaurants, as well as walking paths. Here you can not only enjoy the beauty of nature, but also spend time actively, playing sports or participating in sporting events.

Particular attention is paid to the sports and educational route “Path of Health,” created in the 1980s and today in need of restoration. The park also hosts traditional annual sporting events, including the “May Walk” - “Shartash Around the World”.

Legally, the Shartash Forest Park is subordinated to the state institution “Verkh-Isetskoye Forestry”, which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Sverdlovsk Region.

To improve the conditions for visiting the park and the comfort of its visitors, a landscape lighting project is being implemented using innovative equipment that creates spectacular color-dynamic lighting and is controlled remotely.


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