Tower in Shartashsky forest park

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  • Вышка в Шарташском лесопарке. Photo 1
  • Вышка в Шарташском лесопарке. Photo 2
  • Вышка в Шарташском лесопарке. Photo 3


The tower in the Shartashsky forest park, often perceived as an art object due to its unusual appearance, is actually a geodetic triangulation sign. This structure is important for geodetic and construction work, since on its top there is a metal platform to which a ladder leads.

Although many city residents may perceive this tower as just an interesting structure or piece of art, in fact it is a key element of geodetic infrastructure. Geodetic points located on such towers have precise planned coordinates and height above sea level, and serve as reference points for various measurements and geodetic work.

The artistic decoration of the tower, carried out during the STENOGRAFFIA festival, added aesthetic appeal to this geodetic structure. It has become not only functional, but also interesting for park visitors.

Climbing the tower, although it may seem tempting, requires caution and precision. The absence of the bottom of the ladder makes climbing difficult, and the height of the structure itself can create a hazard. Therefore, only those who are confident in their abilities and are ready for this challenge should climb the tower.

Despite the difficulty of the ascent and descent, the view from the top of the tower, especially in the evening, can be impressive. Watching the sunset or night sky from this vantage point can be an unforgettable experience for park visitors.


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