Keyboard Monument

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The Keyboard Monument in Yekaterinburg is a unique land art project dedicated to a computer keyboard. It was opened on October 5, 2005 and became the first land art sculpture in the city dedicated to this topic. The author of the project is Anatoly Vyatkin.

The original idea for the project was ironic, viewing the keyboard as a graveyard of ideas. However, during the development of the concept, the producers of the project suggested that the author change its direction, turning the keyboard from a symbol of irony into a structure that should express something in the urban space. Therefore, the final version was a concrete replica of the keyboard in a scale of 30:1, consisting of 104 keys according to the QWERTY/QUKEN standard.

The monument has become not only a symbol of the computer era, but also an object that interacts with the surrounding space and has its own symbolism. The monument became popular among residents and guests of the city, causing enthusiastic responses and fantasies about the further development of such projects.

In addition, the keyboard monument has become part of the cultural and tourist image of the city, attracting the attention of both local residents and visitors. Its popularity is confirmed by various ratings and articles in world publications such as the New York Times.

Many years after the creation of the project, its author expressed surprise and admiration at how the monument became an integral part of the urban space, changing over time and remaining a symbol of creativity and interaction with the environment.


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