Rhodonite on the site of a former factory

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  • Родонит на месте бывшего завода. Photo 1
  • Родонит на месте бывшего завода. Photo 2


The history of the creation of Yekaterinburg is connected with the activities of V.N. Tatishchev and Major General V.I. de Gennina. Initially, it was planned to build a plant at the Uktus plant, but due to obstacles from the Berg College and the conflict between Tatishchev and the Demidovs, this plan was canceled. Instead, a new location was chosen for the construction of the plant, and it was there that Yekaterinburg was founded.

Regarding rhodonite, this is a precious mineral mined specifically in the Urals, not far from Yekaterinburg. It is characterized by the pink color imparted by manganese, which has led to the nickname “stone of love.” The rhodonite monument, erected in the Historical Park in Yekaterinburg, has become a popular meeting place for newlyweds and couples, thanks to its beautiful location at the beginning of the dam, where water is released.


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