Monument to D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak

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  • Памятник Д. Н. Мамину-Сибиряку. Photo 1


The monument to the Ural writer Dmitry Narkisovich Mamin-Sibiryak, erected on Lenin Avenue in Yekaterinburg in a place known as “Plotinka”, is an expressive symbol of respect for the literary heritage and cultural heritage of the Urals.

Installed on November 5, 1987 according to the sketches of the sculptor A.G. Antonov. and architect B.A. Demidov, the monument is a bust of the writer, made of bronze and mounted on a pedestal of red polished marble with a gray niche. There is also a commemorative plaque on the pedestal.

The image of the writer's head with his head tilted forward expresses his thoughtfulness and deep thoughts. This monument not only serves as a reminder of Mamin-Sibiryak as an outstanding writer, but is also part of the cultural heritage of the city, perpetuating Yekaterinburg’s connection with the literary heritage of the Urals.


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