Shartash granite quarry

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  • Шарташский гранитный карьер. Photo 1


The Shartashsky granite quarry is an important enterprise for Yekaterinburg and provides a significant portion of the granite used in the construction and renovation of the city. The quarry began development in the mid-20th century, and since then it has played a key role in supplying materials to the construction industry.

The quarry operates all year round, using the explosive method of granite extraction. This granite is then crushed at a processing plant into the required crushed stone fractions. The quarry's products are used for the production of concrete, construction of roads and other infrastructure facilities. In addition, granite from the quarry is used as a flux in the manufacture of welding electrodes due to its high quality characteristics.

However, quarry activity also entails some negative consequences for the environment and residents of nearby areas. Blasting operations cause vibration of window glass and the formation of a cloud of dust, which creates inconvenience for local residents. The enterprise also systematically exceeds the maximum permissible values for dust content in the air, which leads to the payment of fines.

Despite these problems, the quarry's products play an important role in the development of the city's infrastructure and were used in the construction of many of its significant objects, such as City Council buildings, theaters, churches, as well as in the reconstruction of public spaces and monuments.


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