Technical Museum of OJSC AvtoVAZ

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The park complex of the history of technology named after K. G. Sakharov in Togliatti is truly a unique place that attracts the attention of both local residents and tourists. Located near the AVTOVAZ OJSC enterprise, this museum complex is not only a significant landmark of the region, but also an important cultural heritage site.

With its rich exhibition composition, which includes a variety of equipment and weapons, from cars to submarines, the museum attracts the attention of lovers of technology, history and military topics. Thanks to annual tournaments, reconstructions and exhibitions, the museum becomes even more attractive to visitors, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of historical events and appreciate the greatness of technological progress.

Interestingly, the museum began its history on the site of a former scrap metal dump, which adds a special charm to this place and symbolizes its transformation into an object of cultural significance. The opening of the museum and park complex in 2001 was an important event for the city and its residents, and since then the museum has continued to attract and impress with its diversity and uniqueness.

Exhibits of the technical museum

The AvtoVAZ Technical Museum in Tolyatti is truly an impressive and large-scale museum complex that attracts many visitors from different parts of Russia. Thanks to the support of the management of AvtoVAZ, the museum is actively developing and presenting unique exhibits that reflect the diversity of technical progress and military history.

The museum's exhibitions cover a wide range of equipment, from armored vehicles and aviation to railway transport. Particular attention is paid to historical and unique specimens, such as the robot bulldozer "STR-1", specially designed to eliminate the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. This robot is a striking example of the use of technical means in critical situations.

One of the most impressive exhibits of the museum is the diesel submarine "B-307", which is one of the largest in the world. Its dimensions are amazing, and its delivery to the museum fully demonstrates the careful work done to preserve and present unique objects in the museum.

Overall, the AvtoVAZ Museum is not only an interesting place to visit, but also plays an important role in preserving and popularizing the history of technological progress and military equipment in Russia.

How to get to the AvtoVAZ Museum

The museum and park complex of engineering and military equipment, also called the Tolyatti Technical Museum, is located on the Southern Highway in the city of Tolyatti, opposite the southern gate of AvtoVAZ OJSC. This museum is a large exhibition complex dedicated to demonstrating a variety of engineering and military equipment, as well as historical exhibits.

The physical address of the museum is Tolyatti, 445043, Avtozavodsky district, Yuzhnoe highway, 137. Visitors arriving by car have access to convenient parking in the immediate vicinity of the museum. The museum is also easily accessible by public transport: there are stops nearby served by various bus, trolleybus and minibus routes.

Opening hours and cost

The Technical Museum of JSC AvtoVAZ in the city of Togliatti is pleased to welcome visitors every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., without days off or lunch breaks, with the exception of holidays, when the museum’s work schedule may be slightly changed.

The cost of visiting the park complex of history and technology of the city of Tolyatti for 2016 is presented as follows:

  • Adult ticket: 200 rubles;
  • Child ticket: 100 rubles (for visiting two large open-air areas);
  • Students with a student card: 100 rubles;
  • Excursion with a guide: adults - 250 rubles, children - 150 rubles;
  • A trip on a road train with an audio guide (subject to 8 people): 50 rubles per person, children under 7 years old free;

Visit to the AvtoVAZ experimental and concept car hangar: 50 rubles per person (about 20 cars on display).

On the museum grounds, visitors can also enjoy various interactive entertainment, such as:

  • Photo session with a headset in a T80-UD tank or Su-17M4 bomber: 50 rubles;
  • Shooting in a laser shooting range from weapon models: 50 rubles for 10 shots;
  • Go-karting: 250 rubles for 6 minutes.

The operating hours of the interactive platforms are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday from 12 am to 5 pm;
  • On weekends from 10am to 5pm.


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