Three Chiefs Rock

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  • Скала Трех Вождей. Photo 1


The Rock of the Three Leaders, also known as the Rock of the Classics, is located in the upper reaches of the Agidel (Belaya) River, about 50 kilometers from the village of Mrakovo, the administrative center of the Kugarchinsky district of Bashkiria. This place became famous thanks to the portraits of the three founders of communism - Lenin, Marx and Engels, which were painted on the rock in 1979-80 by artists Tatyana and Bulat Rakhimov.

Although over time the images have been badly damaged by wind and moisture, and the last two leaders have faded, Lenin is still clearly visible. The dimensions of the “canvas” are 50 by 70 meters. An amateur artist from Meleuz, Bulat Rakhimov, and two assistants created these portraits using climbing equipment and “space paints.”

To see this famous rock, you can take a boat trip along the Yumaguzinsky Reservoir. The rock is located “facing” south, and at midday its design is especially expressive. For those traveling from Ufa, you need to head south, passing Sterlitamak to Meleuz, and then turn northeast and drive to the village of Verkhnebikkuzino, Kugarchinsky district.

In addition to the portraits on the rock, in the same area there is also the Shulgan-tash (Kapova) cave, where unique wall paintings of primitive man made in red ocher were discovered.


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