Velyaminov Estate (Vasino)

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  • Усадьба Вельяминовых (Васино). Photo 1
  • Усадьба Вельяминовых (Васино). Photo 2
  • Усадьба Вельяминовых (Васино). Photo 3
  • Усадьба Вельяминовых (Васино). Photo 4


The Velyaminov estate in Vasino is a historical site steeped in rich history. Founded in the second half of the 18th century by landowner A. I. Plakhova, it became the property of various owners, including P. F. Velyaminov, A. N. Vecheslova and P. P. Kostylev.

After the October Revolution of 1917, the estate was nationalized and used for various purposes, including an educational institution and a military commissariat. However, over time, the estate building fell into disrepair and was abandoned.

In 2014, the estate was acquired by ASG with the aim of restoring and preserving its historical appearance. After restoration it is planned to open a cultural and recreational center.

What remains of the estate complex is a one-story wooden building in the Empire style with a six-column portico and a dome. Despite the state of disrepair, some elements of the building, such as the corner stoves and the formal garden with a pond, have been preserved.

The Vasino estate is a significant cultural heritage site and historical monument that requires serious investments to preserve and restore its historical appearance.


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