Bunker Voronovo

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The Voronovo bunker is an interesting and mysterious structure located in a forest area near the villages of Svitino and Troitsa. This cyclopean structure, which appeared on the landscape as a result of an unfinished military installation, is of interest to lovers of exploring abandoned places and artifacts.

The Voronovo bunker was created using a bulk design, which provides it with good security. It was intended to be a secure communications center, indicating its important role in the defense system. During Soviet times, much attention was paid to providing communications in times of military conflict, and many similar facilities were built throughout the Soviet Union.

One of the characteristic features of the Voronovo bunker is the deep metal glasses that penetrate it from top to bottom. These are telescopic antennas that could be extended upward if necessary. This element indicates that the bunker was designed to provide communications in the face of a possible military threat.

Currently, the Voronovo bunker is one of the few Soviet fortification sites available for research in Moscow. However, its future is uncertain due to legal and economic aspects. Every year this place loses its authenticity under the influence of time and human intervention. Therefore, for those interested in history and architecture, a visit to the Voronovo bunker represents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the past, which may soon be lost forever.


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