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Blue Lake (Tatarstan)

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  • Голубое озеро (Татарстан). Photo 1
  • Голубое озеро (Татарстан). Photo 2
  • Голубое озеро. Photo 3
  • Голубое озеро. Photo 4


Blue Lake in the Republic of Tatarstan, in the urban district of Kazan, is a unique natural system consisting of three unconnected reservoirs: Bolshoye Goluboe, Protochnoe and Maloe Goluboe. These lakes are of karst origin and are oxbow lakes of the Kazanka River.

The lakes attract attention with their unusual natural beauty and peculiarities of water composition. The water in the lakes has a bitter taste, reminiscent of sea water, and high mineralization. It is saturated with potassium-calcium sulfite-sulfate salts. At the bottom of the lakes you can observe blue-colored silty salt mud, which served as the basis for the name of the reservoirs.

One of the features of the Blue Lakes is the constantly cold and crystal clear water. These natural attractions attract tourists and travelers who want to enjoy the beauty of nature and the lake landscape, as well as improve their health with the help of silt mud.


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