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Abandoned Spider Cottage

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  • Заброшенный коттедж Паук. Photo 1
  • Заброшенный коттедж "Паук". Photo 2
  • Заброшенный коттедж "Паук". Photo 3
  • Заброшенный коттедж "Паук". Photo 4
  • Заброшенный коттедж "Паук". Photo 5


Located near a park in Orsk, the abandoned Spider Cottage is a two-story building that has become one of many abandoned properties in this city. On the ground floor of the cottage there is a swimming pool, which is of interest to many, because it is because of it that it is assumed that the owners of the building intended to build a swimming pool structure. However, upon closer inspection of its size, it becomes clear that it is not intended to accommodate large numbers of visitors. This is an attractive place for parkour enthusiasts to train, but the presence of drug addicts and minors who abuse alcohol can darken the overall atmosphere. It is for this reason that the police regularly inspect this area and detain young people. Yet, despite these negative aspects, many people find pleasure in visiting this place.


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