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Orenburg cable car

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The Europe-Asia cable car has become one of the main attractions of the city of Orenburg since its opening in 2006. It received its name because of its route, which passes through the geographical border between Europe and Asia, as symbolized by the Europe-Asia stele. Located between the Belovka district and the Zauralnaya Roshcha park, the cable car attracts tourists and local residents with its unique location and panoramic views of the Ural River, pedestrian bridge, city beach and park.

The length of the cable car is about 230 meters. Two funiculars run between stopping points, meeting approximately halfway through the route through the Urals. The speed of the cabins reaches approximately 3 meters per second, which allows you to cross the river in just 2 minutes. The comfortable cabins are designed for eight people and offer passengers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the scenery from a bird's eye view.

Equipment for the cable car was brought from Austria, and the project itself was implemented in 2013. As a result of reconstruction and repair, the load-bearing supports were strengthened and the cables were replaced to ensure the safety of passengers. Currently, the Europe-Asia cable car fully complies with modern safety standards and does not cause operational problems.

Long repair of the Orenburg cable car

The cable car in Orenburg, although one of the city’s popular attractions, has encountered a number of problems since it began operation in 2006. In 2019, it was forced to suspend its work due to wear and tear and equipment problems. The decision to carry out a major overhaul was made only in 2020, since further operation in unusable condition posed a danger.

The repair work, carried out by the municipal unitary enterprise "Municipal Property Fund" of the city, was supposed to be completed before May 2021, but the launch was postponed until September of the same year. This delay was caused by several factors, including the search for qualified personnel and the approval of freight rates.

Despite expectations, the cable car only began operating again in August 2022. However, subsequently she again encountered problems associated with the improvement of the upper embankment of the Urals and Sovetskaya Street. The search for a contractor to install a temporary passage to the cable car also turned out to be unsuccessful, which led to additional difficulties in its operation.

Opening hours and cost

On July 21, 2023, the cable car in Orenburg resumed its operation, the city administration reports. To ensure accessibility to the upper station, a temporary passage was installed past the Museum of the History of the City. The one-way fare remained unchanged and is 120 rubles. The opening hours are as follows: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00, and on Monday from 15:00 to 22:00.


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