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Fountain of the 30th anniversary of the Victory

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  • Фонтан в честь «30-летия Победы в ВОВ». Фото 1


In 1926, in the historical heart of Samara, one of its iconic squares was named Samarskaya Square. However, it was only in the 1960s that an attractive square was created nearby, adding coziness and beauty to the surroundings. In 1975, as a tribute to the heroic past, a passage to the Volga River was opened through the square, named Victory Passage.

In anticipation of the upcoming Victory Jubilee, it was decided to adorn the square with the opening of a fountain. Talented architects Vagan Karkaryan and Vladimir Borisov developed the concept, while artist Rudolf Baranov brought it to life. The entire project was implemented in the shortest possible time thanks to the efforts of the collective.

Originally, the plan was to install a glass St. George ribbon in the center of the fountain, which could be illuminated. After all, the St. George ribbon is the symbol of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The fountain, in turn, symbolized the 30th anniversary of Victory and consisted of 30 jets, representing the number of years of the war. Currently, the fountain is adorned with metal profiles manufactured at the "Electroshield" plant, and its lower part is decorated with mosaic.


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