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Fountain Parus on the Samara embankment

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  • Фонтан «Парус» (Самара). Фото 1
  • Фонтан «Парус» (Самара). Фото 2


In 1986, not far from the river station in Samara, the Parus fountain was opened, which became one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. The author of the fountain project was Nikolai Nikitin, the chief architect of the Kuibyshev Aviation Plant. This fountain was created from reinforced concrete and symbolized the sails of ships. It was dedicated to the memory of those who died during the Great Patriotic War, representing an architectural memorial with 620 water jets, corresponding to the number of cabin boys who died during the war.

Over time, the structure began to collapse, and in 2012 the fountain was completely reconstructed. This time, stainless steel was used to create it, ensuring durability and safety. The new version of Parus is about 13 meters high and weighs 16 tons. It is made even more impressive by the lighting included in its design since 2012.

The Parus fountain is not only a beautiful element of the urban landscape, but also symbolizes the memory of fallen soldiers and their sacrifices in the name of freedom and peace. This architectural monument continues to be one of the most recognizable landmarks of Samara.


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